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thin thickness,  super soft,  touch screen

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This is a kind super soft and thin heated gloves liners, made by elastane and polyester .
Because it’s thinner, take it with it and your hands are still flexible, smooth texture.
Can use alone as heated winter gloves or as heated liners.
Heated gloves, back of hand and every finger individually heated.
Micro-thin stretchable carbon fibers distributes heat evenly to all fingers.
3 Temperature control options provide constant heat on high for up to 2.5 hours – Low medium setting up tp 6 hours.
Adjustable keypad temperature control on top of gloves with three temperature settings ranging from 100°F – 150 °F.

Savior heated gloves is one of very popular brand hand keep warming gloves in the United States.

In the United States and Canada, there are many patients with Raynaud’s disease and circulatory disorders. The cold winter is painful for them.

We are a company specializing in the sale of heated gloves. Our thin heated gloves are specially designed for patients with Raynaud’s disease.
What are the best gloves for Raynaud?
Savior thin heated gloves are very lightweight and can easily write or type on the keyboard even if you wear them indoors. When outdoors, it also provides enough keep warming as an glove lining.

Package Included:
*1 x Electric Heating Gloves (1 Pair)
*2 x 2200MAh 7.4V Li-ion Battery
*1 x Charger(EU or US Plug)

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Same series as savior keep warming gloves

Thin Heated Gloves Liners For Men And Women
Savior Heated Gloves for Men Women, thin & keep warming Suitable as Raynaud’s Disease and Arthritis Glove. They found perfect solution for your hand in cold winter.
Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions30 × 10 × 6 cm






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Usage & Wash & Care:

Usage Instructions:
Always remove the batteries from your gloves when charging
Charge your batteries at room temperature for 4 hours prior to first use
The LED light on the charger will illuminate RED while charging.
The LED light one the charger will illuminate GREEN when Charging is complete.
Carefully connect the power wire inside the glove storage pocket to the battery.
Position the battery inside the glove pocket and seal velcro along the top to secure the battery in place.

Wash and Care
Remove batteries from gloves when being cleaned and stored
Don’t machine wash
Don’t machine dry
Don’t bleach
Don’t iron
Don’t dry clean
Spot clean gloves by hand using only mild detergent
Air dry gloves lying flat


Always remove the batteries from your gloves when charging.

For safety , do not drop , short circuit , or operate under high temperature conditions.

If the device or the battery swells or becomes malformed , please stop using it immediately.

How to prolong the service life of lithium battery for heated gloves

Even if the lithium-ion battery is not used, its power will be slowly lost. What we have to do is not let the battery run out completely. In order to avoid the battery discharging completely, we should charge the battery to about 50% before storage, which takes about 1 hour. Then charge it every five or six months. If the battery can’t start the device, it doesn’t mean that the battery is completely dead. When the power is very low, the battery power can’t start the device. At this time, we should charge your battery. Of course, even if you don’t, the battery can still be used after a long period of charging. My suggestion is in order to better delay the service life of the battery.

Warranty Clauses

Lithium-ion batteries , charger and Gloves covers 6 months of warranty period from the date of purchase.


Could these gloves be worn under leather driving gloves?
They could if the outer gloves were larger and they would have to accommodate the size of the battery pack. They work under ski gloves but leather gloves may be a little small and restrictive. I hope this helps. Again, it depends on the fit of the glove.

Do the heating elements run along the fingers? I want to find gloves that dont just heat your palms…
Heating elements covers all the back of the gloves and finger tips from front. It don’t cover palm. Becuase palm is area where heat can create sweat very quickly.

do battery use a usb port and are they touch screen cableable
they are very comfortable touch screen gloves. The battery port is not USB.

So these aren’t waterproof? Says they are in the description title and in one photo it says it has a waterproof membrane. Then in the ?’s it says no
I think they are getting damp proof. From a mist of rain or water splashed on them. Personally I wouldnt want to put them in a bucket of water but wouldn’t care to wear them in the rain, just not a down pour. I have another pair for riding the bike and they have a different type of material on the outside and I would say they could be put in a bucket and your hands would stay dry

What is the warranty for this product?
I believe it is 1 year

I know these are liners but will they be ok using them without an additional outer layer, i want them thin for camera controls for photography… ty;)
Yes these liner gloves are perfect as thin gloves for all kind of activities. These gloves have its own heating function so you can use them without any other gloves for your photography.

can I buy extra batteries?
Yes you can order extra batteries for heated gloves.

heated gloves liners description says to use minimum heat when wear under think gloves then how many hours it will work?
By using our heated liner gloves at its lower heating under any thick gloves will not only increase heating but also its battery will last up to 10 hours.
Heating time may vary according to environmental conditions.

are these liner gloves machine wash?
It is recommended to do not machine wash, machine dry, use Bleach, iron or dry clean.
Use mild detergent to clean the only the spots and air dry lying flat.

What size for a woman small?
For these heated gloves women’s Samll size will be XS/S size.
We recommend you to please follow the size chart and measure your hand then select according to your hand size for best fit.

Your heated gloves looks good. i watched the imger on product but i am confused because i wear size m and here its showing m/l. how can i measure size
Please follow the size chart on product page images and measure your hand according to that. Select the size as per your hand measurement.

5 reviews for 7.4V Thin Electric Hand Warming Gloves | Savior gloves

  1. Laura Hayes

    Pros: They work well and less bulky than others I have tried. The price is very competitive.
    Cons: The cuff area wher the battery and control are located is still a bit bulky. This makes it difficult to access the controller while wearing a ski jacket. The location of the controller leaves it vulnerable to activation if you bump it through the coat while skiing, on lift etc. Theg will not turn off because that takes a 3 second press, but the are often at a different setting when I take them off

  2. kvv

    My hands get so cold in the mornings riding my horses that it can make me teary! I have no circulation and have longed for gloves that aren’t too bulky to ride in. While there are supposed to be liners…I use them as regular gloves. The are bulkier than my riding gloves but I can still hold the reins easily. My hands are so thankful. They never really get hot but I have really tested them…let my hands go almost numb from cold…then put them on (on medium heat no less) and within 1 minute my hands are totally comfortable. Have only had them 1 week so I hope they hold up.

  3. Rob Wilson

    Winter came exceedingly early in Montana with a blizzard on Nov.29 2019! I have Reynaud’s syndrome and needed something to enable me to keep feeding our livestock in winter. In recent years even 2 layers thermal gloves would not keep my fingers from frostbite after just 5 minutes outside. These are my first heated gloves….and I am amazed!!!! Yesterday, at 5 degrees, I stayed out caring for stock a full hour in perfect comfort! My hands have not been this warm in winter for many years!!! They did not turn white and blotchy as last year, which signifies low blood circulation. I wear the heated gloves under leather insulated work gloves. I have small hands and originally got the xs. But, even those had a little more excess fabric than was comfortable when stuffing it into another glove. The company was incredible to work with when they sent me a pair of the xs! They couldn’t have been more accommodating! The xs are smaller and will fit better under my workgloves for sure. More snow expected in couple days….I’m sure they’ll get a workout!

  4. Carol M

    I purchased these for my husband for Christmas. He suffers from nerve problems in his hands that cause extreme sensitivity to cold. He’s worn these a number of times now when snow blowing and has been really happy with the fact that they keep not just his hands but his finger tips warm without any problem at all. Highly recommend them to anyone that has Renaud’s or problems in terms of cold sensitivity. Extremely good gloves.

  5. Deb F

    I suffer from Raynaud’s Syndrome. Temps below 72 will “shut my finger tips down” in circulation until they are numb and painful.
    I ordered these gloves to wear while driving.
    So far, they are working well! I usually have them on the highest setting, but occasionally need to turn them down🤯😘!
    On size, my hand is a combination of small and medium. I ordered medium.
    The length of the glove goes half way up my forearm. I’m 5’3″ tall, so not a tall person I don’t find the battery pack to be a hindrance. Charge lasts 2-3 days of average driving on “high” setting.

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