Savior 7.4V Gray Battery Operated Foot Warmer Heated Socks

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Savior Quality Heated Socks with excellent heating elements and imported material. Challenge the climate, keep warming foot in severe cold winter.
Savior Quality Heated Socks with excellent heating elements and imported material. Challenge the climate, keep warming foot in severe cold winter.

Product description
【Camping Foot Warmers】Unisex Heated Socks with two 7.4 Volt rechargeable Li-ion batteries with Heating Pads, rechargeable warming socks Keep you warm and comfortable all day. The best battery heated gear

【Heating Elements Covers Instep and Toes Area】Heated warm socks upgraded to use fiber heating elements all around both fore foot and instep,the infrared can stimulate your foot blood circulation. Men and women wearming savior fashionable appearance heated warming socks, say goodbye to chilly foot.

【Easy to Control the Temperature】3 levels setting heat controller to adjust your favorite temperature,controller LED red is for high temperature,white for medium temperature,blue for low temperature.

【Quality Imported Material】This winter socks have long life work time with 7.4 Volt UL/CE certified 2200MAH Li-ion rechargeable battery.Imported heating elements and quality material.It can keep you warm all day (especially for chronically cold feet), no more cold feet in winter.

Material: 80% Cotton , 12% Polyester ,8% Elastane Material Coolmax

How To Use:
●Charge Up – Fully charge with provided charger kit before using.
●Plug-In – Connect the battery to plug located in the socks pocket.
●Turn On – Press on/off to adjust the temperature.

Working Hours:
●High : 140-150 F – 2-2.5 H
●Medium: 122-131 F – 3-3.5 H
●Low : 100-113 F – 6-6.5 H

Packet Included:
●1 Pair heated socks
●2 Pcs Rechargeable Battery
●Dual Charger

Please measure the actual size of the user in detail, sorry, if due to size problems, no returns or exchanges will be given.
If there is a quality problem, support the return or exchange of goods.

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Savior Quality Heated Socks with excellent heating elements and imported material. Challenge the climate, keep warming foot in severe cold winter.

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Usage & Wash & Care

Usage Instructions:
Always remove the batteries from your Socks when charging
Charge your batteries at room temperature for 4 hours prior to first use
The LED light on the charger will illuminate RED while charging.
The LED light one the charger will illuminate GREEN when Charging is complete.
Carefully connect the power wire inside the glove storage pocket to the battery.
Position the battery inside the glove pocket and seal velcro along the top to secure the battery in place.

Wash and Care
Remove batteries from Socks when being cleaned and stored
Don’t machine wash
Don’t machine dry
Don’t bleach
Don’t iron
Don’t dry clean
Spot clean Socks by hand using only mild detergent
Air dry Socks lying flat


Always remove the batteries from your Socks when charging.

For safety , do not drop , short circuit , or operate under high temperature conditions.

If the device or the battery swells or becomes malformed , please stop using it immediately.

How to prolong the service life of lithium battery for heated Socks

Even if the lithium-ion battery is not used, its power will be slowly lost. What we have to do is not let the battery run out completely. In order to avoid the battery discharging completely, we should charge the battery to about 50% before storage, which takes about 1 hour. Then charge it every five or six months. If the battery can’t start the device, it doesn’t mean that the battery is completely dead. When the power is very low, the battery power can’t start the device. At this time, we should charge your battery. Of course, even if you don’t, the battery can still be used after a long period of charging. My suggestion is in order to better delay the service life of the battery.

Warranty Clauses

Lithium-ion batteries , charger and Socks covers 3 months of warranty period from the date of purchase.

5 reviews for Savior 7.4V Gray Battery Operated Foot Warmer Heated Socks

  1. Denise Israel

    I loved!

  2. Glenn

    Apart from the excellent heating properties the socks are a very good fit and not too tight around the calf

  3. William Wrenn

    I have tried other socks with app capability and remote control. Neither was reliable. The Savior socks (I have 2 pair), are reliable comfortable, and have long battery life. I can use them 8-10 hours on the low and medium settings, depending on the outside temperature. Very easy to use and maintain. Will definitely purchase again.

  4. Laura K

    They are definitely warm and heat up well. But they’re bulkier than even my thickest wool socks so there are certain boots I cannot wear them with, which means I’m limited in my applications I’d hoped to use them for – like skiing, if you have a custom fit boot these will not work. I also noticed that where the heating components end, about mid foot, there is a fairly significant seam or change in amount of material and that can irritate the foot or potentially even cause a blister. To mitigate this I put them on carefully, trying to ensure I spread out the material smoothly and evenly. They do work and I’m keeping them – mostly because I had already worn them after discovering this – but if I were to start over again I’d pay special attention to the fit and thoroughly test all my boots and shoes before wearing them.

  5. Robert in Maine, USA

    Socks are very warm. I used them when the temperature outside was 30 degrees. My toes would get cold at this temperature since I am outside clearing the driveway for an hour. I set the temperature of the socks on low and my feet were very comfortable.

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