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How heated clothing work and the popular trend

Battery heated clothing is a relatively new industry, but we think the market potential is very huge. In cold North America and Northern European countries, there are many people with frostbite in winter. Heated clothes can help people who living in cold areas avoid frostbite and promote blood circulation. It can effectively help patients with Raynaud’s disease and blood circulation disorders to reduce pain. Cold weather can make people immunity decline. In the season of virus epidemic, wearing a heated jacket or heated vest can not only feel warm, but also avoid influenza.
avoid winter influenza
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Electric heated clothes is achieved by placing heating stickers on the front and back of clothes, and connecting batteries through carbon fiber wires. The heating pad and carbon fiber wires we use are waterproof. Even we are washed in the washing machine, they can be used after drying. Note: the battery is not waterproof and must be removed before washing. Topheated heated clothing provides 5 vlot, 7.4 vlot or 12 vlot rechargeable batteries can be choose. Polyester and cotton are used as lining materials, which can keep warm even without heating function. We provide OEM and ODM customized services, short production cycle, can help you quickly occupy the market. Some friends don’t know how to choose the power of the battery. Let me tell you, first of all, 5 volt battery is similar to the mobile phone power bank. It is easy to buy in the market. The price is relatively low, the volume is relatively large, and the heating temperature is relatively low. The continuous heating time is about 3-5.5 hours. 7.4 volt battery is small in size and easy to carry, and its heating effect is better than that of 5 volt battery. The 12 volt battery has the best heating effect and long duration. It is suitable for people working outdoors in low temperature areas for a long time. The disadvantage is that the price is expensive.
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We provided 5 volt and 7.4 volt and 12 volt rechargeable battery can be choose. We use waterproof carbon fiber heating accessories, heating elements are CE/FCC certificated and RoHS compliant. Support material size and color customization. Our factory is in China and we employ skilled worker for production, strict quality inspection, provide stable delivery time and no need to worry about the delay.
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