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We shut down the progress of Raynaud’s syndrome, warmer methods and products

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Addressing Raynaud’s syndrome

The Raynaud’s phenomenon refers to the condition where patients experience constriction and narrowing of small arteries in their limbs, leading to reduced blood supply and resulting in discoloration of the affected body parts, such as fingers and toes. This condition can be triggered by exposure to cold temperatures or emotional stress, and may cause the …

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China tackles Raynaud’s syndrome

Raynaud’s phenomenon is a spasm of narrowing of the arteries supplying the extremities induced by cold temperatures or emotional stress, resulting in a lack of circulation at the extremities of the limbs, which may be accompanied by local pain, numbness, chills, and burning sensations that may last for several seconds to several decades. The symptoms …

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What is Raynaud’s phenomenon?

Raynaud’s phenomenon is a problem that causes decreased blood flow to the fingers. In some cases, it also causes less blood flow to the ears, toes, nipples, knees, or nose. This happens due to spasms of blood vessels in those areas. The spasms happen in response to cold, stress, or emotional upset. Raynaud’s can occur …

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Arthritis is not a disease of the elderly, young people can also get it

According to relevant data from the World Health Organization, there are more than 400 million people suffering from osteoarthrosis in the world. The number of osteoarthritis patients in my country exceeds 15% of the total population, and the incidence rate increases with age. Osteoarthritis is listed as the world’s number one disabling disease. In china …

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