How to track the package of your order

complete the purchase, you can see the details of the order here. Please check the address, telephone number and e-mail. when need to contact customers, we give priority to the use of e-mail. Please use a commonly used e-mail. If there is any error, please try to contact us on the same day

Generally, we will arrange express the next day, because different places may be choose different express companies, or there may be secondary delivery (for example, using DHL in Hong Kong). The effective time of express tracking number will be one day later.

We will fill in the express tracking number to the sales system

The customer’s email will receive the express information, and in our website, the user account page will be updated to add an express tracking information. Click “track” to go directly to the website of Toucheng express company to find the express information

◆When your order is dispatched, we’ll send you an email with your tracking number.
◆Click 17TRACK and enter your order tracking number.
◆If any reason you don’t receive this, Please send email to us  and we will update on your order’s progress.

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