The wallet belongs to you and saviorglove

The wallet cannot be recharged and cannot be cashed. However, it has the basic storage of the cash back generated by the purchase behavior, and the function of transferring funds between wallets and wallets between members.

For registered customer, a single purchase of more than 75 US dollars, after completing the payment process, the customer will receive their cash back amount of $7 in their wallet account. When the customer buys again, if checked the wallet balance will be deduct first and the rest of the amount will need to be paid. if checked the wallet balance is larger than the amount required for checkout, payment via wallet current balance.

how to used the wallet
  • In checkout, click  Create an account?
  • Or in account ‘Register’ Create an account
  • After completing the payment, Upon placing this order a cashback of $7.00 will be credited to your wallet.
  • you can check the wallet in your account
Why create a wallet
  • We hope that customers can save more money.
  • In addition, we hope that customers can use the transfer function to send more of the wallet to friends who need it.
why can not Recharge and cash from Wallet
  • Recharge funds from unknown sources to Wallet A,
  • Transfer to wallet B,
  • B wallet cash from Wallet through the website;
This is an unacceptable behavior so, the two functions of deposit and withdrawal are closed.
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