The wallet belongs to you at saviorgloves online stores.

Why create a wallet?
  • We hope customers can save more money.
  • Additionally, we want customers to be able to use the transfer function to send funds from their wallet to friends in need.
How it works:
  • Earn $1 in wallet balance for every 1 point earned.
  • The wallet serves as a basic storage for cashback generated from purchase behavior, and it also allows fund transfers between wallets and members.
  • For registered customers, making a single purchase of over $75 will result in receiving $7 cashback credited to their wallet account.
  • When a customer makes another purchase:
  • If the wallet has a balance, the wallet balance will be deducted first, and the remaining amount will need to be paid.
  • If the wallet balance is greater than the amount required for checkout, payment can be made using the current wallet balance.
How to use the wallet:
  • During checkout, click ” Create an account?” to create an account.
  • Upon completing the payment, a cashback amount of $7.00 will be credited to your wallet.
  • You can check your wallet balance in your account.
Why you cannot recharge or withdraw from the wallet:
  • Potential scenario: Recharging funds from unknown sources to Wallet A,
  • transferring funds from Wallet A to Wallet B,
  • and finally cashing out from Wallet B through the website.

This is an unacceptable behavior
so, the two functions of deposit and withdrawal are closed.

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