Love Spread

Today, the wallet function is added in the online store (the wallet is in my account)

Wallet supports shopping payment
The wallet supports transfers between wallets
The wallet supports recharge (currently this function is limited), the reason is to prevent the wallet system from being used incorrectly
The wallet supports automatic shopping to deduct part or all of the bill at checkout
At the shopping checkout, the system will return $10 in cash to the wallet account
There is a change in the wallet, the registered mailbox will receive the relevant email information

How do we hope everyone can use the wallet better?
Today’s theme is Love Spread. You can give the change to those in need,
As far as I know, there are many patients with Raynaud’s disease and circulatory system diseases in the United States and Canada. The cold winter is painful for them.
How can we find and help patients with Raynaud’s disease?
Or we don’t have a list!
We can establish a process to let Love Spread.

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