Solid State Batteries Bode Well for Storage

Storage batteries have twin electrodes, with an electrolyte between them that prevents them making contact. That’s because they could overheat and even catch fire if they short circuited. Traditional electrolyte is a liquid, or a semi-liquid substance that damages devices if it leaks out. Solid state batteries bode well for a safer future. because they do away with these drawbacks.

Lithium Solid State Batteries Bode Well for Ending Fires

The electrolyte in traditional-style electric car batteries is flammable, and can catch fire after a motor accident. This is bad enough, but the thought of a major fire in a grid storage array is not something to contemplate. Solid state batteries counting out this risk may have solid ceramic, or polymer electrolytes soon. Miniaturized versions are already performing well in pacemakers, radio-frequency tag applications, and some wearable devices. Indeed, solid-state lithium batteries hold promise of greater theoretical capacity, and therefore improved customer service too.

What’s the Problem, Why Don’t We Have Them Now?

Solid state batteries are currently expensive to make. The industry is still searching for ways to scale up production. There are also questions regarding their ability to withstand low temperatures. However, scientists will persist because they know dendrites cannot spread through the interphase. America’s John Goodenough unveiled a working solid-state battery in 2017. This had a glass electrolyte, and an alkali-metal anode consisting of lithium, sodium, or potassium. Many electric car makers are convinced solid state batteries bode well for longer distances between charging. These batteries may eventually have 2.5 times the energy density of liquid electrolyte ones. Achieving this leap forward could accelerate phasing out fossil fuel power stations, and gasoline automobiles. However, there are still powerful vested interests wanting to keep the coal and oil industry going. As citizens we should make up our own minds, and follow our own consciences.
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