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What to consider when buying heating gloves

While most of the available heated gloves offer similar features, each feels slightly different from the others and performs differently when worn in the field.

How do heated gloves work?

Heated gloves/garments have ultra-fine metal wires or fibers built into them that become hot when an electric current is passed through them. These wires or far-infrared fibers are usually made of carbon or metal composites and are woven or fused directly into or onto the internal fabric layers. Since the battery voltage used to heat the clothing is low enough (7.4V), no electric shock will occur.

Fit and Sizing

To ensure that your gloves provide maximum warmth without limiting hand dexterity, you should measure your hands and make sure the size fits properly. Because measurements for each size vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, please check the sizing chart for details.

In a properly fitting pair of gloves, your fingertips should just reach the end of the glove – about 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch – so that you can make a full range of motion. The wrist portion of the glove should extend up the arm far enough to tuck or extend over the jacket sleeve to prevent cold air from getting under the sleeve.


Waterproof or not? Full waterproofing usually makes gloves/clothing less breathable, which means body sweat can get trapped inside. Gloves that are less waterproof (and can breathe) generally take waterproof fabric.

The heated gloves on display now have waterproof fabric on the outside of the glove and breathable fabric in the palm area, providing you with the best of both worlds to choose from. The breathable fabric under the palm reduces the chance of sweaty palms.

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