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Welcome to SaviorGloves Wholesale! We are proud to offer a wide range of high-quality gloves for various industries, including healthcare, food service, and industrial work. Our gloves are made from premium materials to ensure maximum protection and comfort for the wearer.

At SaviorGloves Wholesale, we understand the importance of having the right gloves for the job. That’s why we offer a variety of styles, sizes, and colors to fit your specific needs. Whether you need gloves for medical examinations, food handling, or heavy-duty industrial work, we have you covered.

We also offer competitive pricing for bulk orders, making it easy and affordable for you to stock up on the gloves you need. Our customer service team is always available to answer any questions you may have and assist you with your order.

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Savior heated gloves, socks and hat Customization and Wholesale
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Item NamePhotoModelFeatureQuantity & priceSizePackage
Sheepskin heated mittensThis kind heated leather mittens surface cover by goatskin cover, feel soft and thick. Middle place TPU waterproof layer, it's enough to protect you from snowstorms.S38Sheepskin, very thick, waterproof1-9 Pairs / USD135XS-XXL
S38: Savior Goatskin Heated Leather Mittens | Savior Heated Gloves
Moderate Thickness heated glovesRechargeable- Electric-Heated -GlovesS20Moderate Thickness1-9 Pairs / USD126XS-XXXL
Thin heated glovesthin warming glove linersSW04Thin heated gloves1-9 Pairs / USD119XS-XXL
S20: Savior Moderate Thickness Electric Glove | Savior Heated Gloves
SW04: Sunwill Thin Heated Gloves Liners | Finger TouchScreen Heated Rechargeable Gloves
Thin heated glovesLight Weight Hand Warmer GlovesS18Thin heated gloves1-9 Pairs / USD120XS/S, M/L, XL- XXL
Heated gloves linersThinSaviorHeatedGlovesLinersS13very thin, type gloves1-9 Pairs / USD119XXS, XS/S, M/L, XL-XXL
S18: Savior Light Weight Warmers Heated Gloves | Thin Electric Finger Hand Warmer Gloves
S13: Savior 7.4V Thin Electric Gloves Liners Fingertip Touch Screen | Savior gloves
Heated gloves liners


S13 Redvery thin, type gloves1-9 Pairs / USD119XXS, XS/S, M/L, XL-XXL
Thick Heated Leather GlovesSavior-Heated-Gloves-for-Men-Women-Rechargeable-Electric-Heated-Gloves-Heated-Skiing-Gloves-and-Snowboarding-GlovesS15very thick, leather gloves1-9 Pairs / USD138XS-3XL
S13 Red: Same as S13
S15: Savior 7.4V Thick Battery Heated Leather Gloves Five fingers Leather| Savior Heated Gloves
Heated mittens7.4V Rechargeable Battery Gloves For SkiingS66EWater resistant1-9 Pairs / USD121XS-2XL
Heated mittensS66E grayS66E grayWater resistant1-9 Pairs / USD121XS-2XL
S66E: Savior 7.4V Thick Electric Heated Mittens|Savior Heated Gloves
S66E Gray: Same as S66E
Motorcycle heated glovesSavior ski and motorcycle heated gloves is best gloves for subzero temperatures. Top layer goat skin covering surface. 7.4 volt battery provides up to 6 hours of heating.S28CWater resistant1-9 Pairs / USD129XS-3XL
Cotton heated glovesHeated Gloves, Unisex Rechargeable Battery Powered Electric Heating Glove for Winter OutdoorS66Bthick  heated gloves/Water resistant1-9 Pairs / USD121XS,S,M,L,XL,XX L
S28C: Savior Heated Motorcycle Gloves|Savior Heated Gloves
S66B: Savior 7.4V Thick Heated Gloves to Wear This Winter | Savior Heated Gloves
Heated socks grayRechargeable Battery Powered Savior heated Socks Graysocks graycotton1-9 Pairs / USD72S, M, L
Heated socks blackUnisex Foot Savior Warmer Electric Ski Socks Blacksocks blackcotton1-9 Pairs / USD72S, M, L
S38: Savior Goatskin Heated Leather Mittens | Savior Heated Gloves
S38: Savior Goatskin Heated Leather Mittens | Savior Heated Gloves
Adult Heated hatAdult Rechargeable Winter Heated Fleece CapHeated hatAdult Cotton heated hat1-9 PCS / USD60one size
Heated maskHeated maskCotton and Velvet lining1-9 PCS / USD68S, M, L
Heated Hat: Sunwill 7.4V Battery Heated Hat
Heated Mask: Savior 7.4V Heated Winter Face Mask
7.4 Volt 5200mah Heated vest7.4v heated vestCotton, Fleece1-9 Pairs / USD109M, L, XL
Sock, hat, mask: 10-30Pairs 10% Off, 31-100Pairs 15% Off, 101-300Pairs 18% Off, More than 300Pairs 23% Off
Gloves, vest: 10-30Pairs 12% Off, 31-100Pairs 18% Off, 101-300Pairs 22% Off, More than 300Pairs 28% Off The Price include freight, but not include the VAT or Customs duties
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